domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Love of a child

Sometimes crying alone
but I know I'm not the only,
this waiting kills me
smash my feelings.

I pray looking up to heaven,
not want him to die,
not want him to suffer
want him to be happy.

I grieve for him,
maybe not as much as he
I know his reason to live I am
I know his struggle and for us, for he loves.

If he remains here today is for us,
he liked to read these words,
I liked that he knew that I know
I liked that he knew how to love.

I love you dad, I'll always be by your side,
in your grasp, smiling at you,
all I ever did was to please you,
and will continue to do so independently,
than everyone thinks.

My heart is yours,
my life to thee I,
the tears I shed are nothing,
compared with your love.

I will always be with you,
soul and heart,
and my heart lives only a man,
and this man is you

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